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To all of our loyal customers

FastenFinder is underway with a major overhaul to our website in order to bring you a much more robust catalog and extremely competitive pricing, as well as a fresh look and feel. For now, please contact us for ordering at or (973) 227-0045

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About us

First, a little history…

This is a picture of me, Jay, and my Dad, Larry. And this is the story of FastenFinder™ …

It all started about 25 years ago. Larry took a leap of faith when he left his well-paying job at the time and started his business distributing fasteners, selling mostly to OEMs. Around that same time I was spending summers working in his warehouse -- doing anything from helping with inventory checks to making boxes, breaking up pallets, riding (crashing?) the forklift, and last but not least, getting in trouble with dear old Dad. A pretty standard routine for any 8 year old kid, right? I worked summers out there all the way through college. Packing orders, receiving vendor shipments and making deliveries in the truck. While in school, I was gearing up on a computer science background and my new love affair, the internet. I pushed Dad to open his catalog up and sell online but it was never the right time.

After college I landed a job with a large IT consulting company, Accenture. I spent the next 14 years immersed in technology. Toward the latter half of that 14-year stint, I worked for a software company in the e-Commerce business. One night while designing a new checkout process for their consumer website, a light bulb went off in my head. I called my Dad and asked him, “Why don’t we sell over the internet?” Same question from a decade earlier, but now I was coming to the table with bit more experience. We talked it through over the next couple weeks and decided to give it a shot. And with that, FastenFinder™ was born, which consider to be a first-of-kind, state-of-the-art, fastener-dedicate shopping cart.. set to revolutionize how fasteners are bought and sold.

So with the marriage of my Dad’s impressive 35+ years of success in the fastener industry and my decade plus of technology experience, we have a unique offering to bring to FastenFinder's™ customers.

Our mission…

Today, we look at the fastener industry as a bit of a dinosaur in terms of technology, keepings consumers like you and I on the outside, both in terms of knowledge and a place to shop. If you’re the average OEM, contractor, do-it-yourselfer, home owner or just about anyone that has ever used a hammer and nail, you walk into your local home repair center; head to the hardware aisle filled with tens of thousands of little metal, rubber and plastic fasteners and scratch your head. Have you ever noticed how even the employees tend to avoid that aisle? Where to begin? Well, I guess we’re hoping you’ll start here.

Our mission is pretty simple. We want to help people understand what fasteners are, which ones to use on different projects and provide an effortless distribution channel to buy them. We know that the big box stores today charge an arm and a leg for their nuts, bolts and screws, and to top it off, quality and durability are often lacking. Not only will we offer appreciable discounts vs. the big box competition, but also provide a better selection of higher grade products along with customer service your grandparents would rave about.

Anyway, that’s our story. We know fasteners aren’t the most riveting (cheesy pun, I know) subject, but they hold up the world around us.. so if we can make repairing the roof on your kid’s tree house safer and more practical, help you hang a mirror in your bedroom correctly without it crashing to the floor in the middle of the night and scaring the hell out of you (happened to me) or supply the hardware for your new master bathroom a little easier (and cheaper), then we’ve done our job.

Thanks for checking us out, and please feel free to leave us your feedback of our site, our products or even the v-neck cashmere sweater Dad used to (still?) wear.

Warm Regards,

Jay Melone
-- Founder/President, FastenFinder™